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Constant Voltage Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer is also called voltage regulator. CVT is used in tank circuit specially made of high voltage winding and capacitor to deliver uninterrupted average output with unstable input.

The CVT is an eye-catcher as it comes with no moving parts and solely relies on loop saturation attributes to draw the conflict in the normal input voltage. There are two sides to the circuit, the primary and secondary. Magnet is implanted in the primary side and the circuit coil is placed in the secondary side. The regulation happens due to the magnetic saturation just over the secondary side. The CVT is a ferroresonant transformer also called ferros. It has excellent surge arrester endowed with high isolation supported by inbuilt protection from short circuit. Both the transformer and the capacitors are consistent and require very low maintenance.

Special Features Of Constant Voltage Transformer

  • It is highly reliable and comes with zero moving parts
  • Feedback control is not used
  • Comes with short circuit protection
  • Restricted inbuilt current
  • Protection from line loss
  • Short term overcharge capacity
  • Prominent input voltage
  • Highly isolation between input and output
  • Quick corrections
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Quick voltage regulation